Pre-Olympic CONMEBOL

African Cup of Nations Africa

Bundesliga Germany

German Cup Germany

German Super Cup Germany

International Champions Cup Friendly

First Division Championship Argentina

First National B Argentina

First Division B Argentina
First Division C Argentina
First Division D Argentina
Federal Tournament A Argentina
Argentine Cup Argentina
Supercopa of Argentina Argentina

Champions Trophy Argentina

Women's First Division Championship Argentina
Women's Football Argentina
Copa de la Superliga Argentina

First Division Bolivia

Brasileirao Brazil

Brasileirao B Brazil

Brazilian Super Cup Brazil

Brasileirao C Brazil
Brasileirao D Brazil
Brazil Cup Brazil

Northeast Cup Brazil
Carioca Tournament Brazil

Carioca Sub 20 Brazil
Carioca Sub 17 Brazil
Carioca Sub 15 Brazil
Paulista Tournament Brazil

Gaucho Tournament Brazil

Baiano Tournament Brazil

Mineiro Tournament Brazil

Carioca B Brazil
Carioca B 2 Brazil
Carioca B Sub 20 Brazil
Carioca B2 Sub 20 Brazil
Carioca B Sub 17 Brazil
Carioca B Sub 15 Brazil
Rio Cup Brazil
Carioca C Brazil
Carioca C Sub 20 Brazil
Carioca C Sub 17 Brazil
Carioca C Sub 15 Brazil
Amador sub 17 Brazil
Amador sub 15 Brazil
Central American and Caribbean Games Centroamerica
Central American and Caribbean Women's Games Centroamerica
Women's Caribbean Cup CFU
Men's Caribbean Cup CFU
Club Championship CFU
CFU Sub 20 Male CFU
CFU Sub 20 Female CFU
CFU Sub 17 Male CFU
CFU Sub 17 Female CFU
JJOO Eliminations CFU
Women's Olympic Qualifying CFU
First Division Chile

First Division B Chile

Chile Cup Chile

Supercopa of Chile Chile

Torneo de Verano Chile

Category First A Colombia

Category First B Colombia
Copa Colombia Colombia
Superliga Colombia

Fox Sports Colombia Tournament Colombia

Professional Women's League Colombia

Concacaf League CONCACAF


20 Sub Championship CONCACAF

17 Sub Championship CONCACAF

15 Sub Championship CONCACAF
Sub 20 Women's Championship CONCACAF

Sub 17 Women's Championship CONCACAF

CONCACAF Classification for the World Cup CONCACAF

Sub 15 Women's Championship CONCACAF

CONCACAF Women's Championship CONCACAF

Central American Cup CONCACAF

Classification for the League of Nations CONCACAF

League of Nations CONCACAF

Champions League Sub 13 CONCACAF
Caribbean Club Shield CONCACAF
America Cup Repechage CONMEBOL

Copa Libertadores de América CONMEBOL

South American Cup CONMEBOL

Recopa Sudamericana CONMEBOL

America Cup CONMEBOL

South American Championship Sub-17 CONMEBOL

South American Championship Sub-20 CONMEBOL

South American Women Sub-20 CONMEBOL
South American Women Sub-17 CONMEBOL
First Division Costa Rica

First Division Croatia

LigaPro Ecuador

Serie B Ecuador
Major League Soccer El Salvador

The League Spain

Cup Spain
Spain Supercup Spain

Second Division of Spain Spain
Major League Soccer United States

Major League Soccer Pre-season United States

US Open Cup United States
Conmebol Eliminations FIFA


UEFA eliminators FIFA

AFC Qualifiers FIFA
CAF Eliminatories FIFA
OFC Qualifiers FIFA
World Cup FIFA

20 Sub World Cup FIFA

17 Sub World Cup FIFA

Club World Cup FIFA

Suruga Bank Cup FIFA

Women's World Cup FIFA

Women's World Cup Sub-17 FIFA
Women's World Cup Sub-20 FIFA

Olympic Tournament FIFA

Panamerican Games FIFA
Ligue 1 France

French Cup France

French Super Cup France

National Football League Guatemala

First Division Football League Guatemala
Eredivisie The Netherlands

National Football League Honduras

Premier League England

Community Shield England

FA Cup England
EFL Championship England

Serie A Italy

Serie B Italy
Coppa Italia Italy
Supercoppa Italia Italy

League MX Mexico

League of Ascenso Mexico

MX Cup Mexico

Supercopa MX Mexico

Champion of Champions Mexico

First League Nicaragua
Panamanian League Panama

League of Ascenso Panama
Rommel Fernández Cup Panama
Honor Division Paraguay

Intermedia Paraguay
Paraguay Cup Paraguay
First Division Peru

Second Division Peru
Liga Portugal

League Pro Portugal
UEFA Champions League UEFA


UEFA Europa League UEFA


European qualifiers UEFA
Uruguayan Championship Uruguay

2ª Professional Division Uruguay
First Division Venezuela

F1 International

CFU Beach Soccer CFU
Beach Soccer Championship CONCACAF
Beach Soccer World Cup FIFA
Central American Cup UNCAF

Classification for the CONCACAF Championship CONCACAF

Club Championship of CONCACAF CONCACAF


Davis Cup International
ATP Masters 250 Buenos Aires International
ATP World Tour Masters 500 International
ATP World Tour Masters 1000 International
Tennis Masters Cup International
Grand Slam International

Super Rugby IRB
6 Nations IRB
Rugby Championship IRB

Rugby World Cup IRB

Nations Cups IRB
Six Nations America IRB
Sub 20 World Cup IRB
Americas Pacific Challenge IRB
Super 8 Paraguay
Rugby Club Tournament - Group I UAR
National Clubs Championship UAR
B Clubs National UAR
Tournament of the Interior A UAR
Tournament of the Interior B UAR
Business Rugby URBA
Rugby B Business URBA
Cuyo League URBA
Northwest League (NOA) URBA
Argentine Senior Championship URBA
Super 9 URBA
Third Division URBA

Argentine Basketball League Argentina
Male COI

Female COI
NBA United States
Basketball World Cup FIBA

Olympic Basketball FIBA

Tortugas Open Argentina
Hurlingham Open Argentina
Palermo Open Argentina

NFL United States

MLB United States
Venezuela (LVB) Venezuela

Argentine Voley League Argentina
World League International
World Cup International
Olympic Volleyball International

Female COI

Male COI
JJOO Hockey International