New Sports Contents

We expanded the availability of historical tournament charts. We carry out research on athletes infected or by historical dates. We start E-Sports coverage with professional soccer, motorsports, tennis and other players. We cover "live" historical matches.


We start with coverage of E-Sports of tournaments with professional soccer, motorsports, tennis and other sports players. We are also addressing the coverage of traditional tournaments by incorporating them into our permanent offer.

Example posted on ESPN.

Example published in RCN


We are greatly increasing the number of historical charts of national and regional tournaments with cups won, accumulated points, tournament scorers and selection tables, among other data of interest.

Example in Tigo

Example in Sportsmeridiano

Data Intelligence

Our Data Intelligence team develops permanently statistical reports on athletes infected by COVID-19 or on issues related to historical dates and ephemeris, completing a range of valuable content.

Example in Caracol

Example on Radio Montecarlo

"Live" matches

We generate a new experience with an apparent "live" coverage of historical matches. We update the data minute by minute with our maximum level of coverage, accompanying content strategies of some of our clients.

Example of the «Maracanazo»