We believe in teamwork and we know that the results are obtained from an 5% inspiration and an 95% perspiration. That's why we are 200 people distributed in 30 countries that transpire the shirt.

Ernesto Cambursano


    Martín Fernández

    Head of Customer Success

      Pablo González

      Head of Growth

        Rosana Scordamaglia

        Head of Customer Success

          Juan Ignacio Freccero

          Head of Support, Testing & QA

            Mariana Mac Loughlin

            Head of Passion

              Luciana Freyre

              Head of Kaizen

                Andrea Berardi

                Head of Accounting

                  Guillermo Ibarra

                  Head of Pre Production Team

                    Daniel Olivera

                    Head of Infrastructure, Operations & Technology

                      Katia Vega

                      Head of Live Production Team

                        Cynthia Juanilla

                        Head of Product Development

                          Víctor Avila

                          Customer Success Executive

                            Agustina Morello

                            Customer Success Coord

                              Omar Vega

                              Customer Success Coord

                                Sabrina Sol Juanilla

                                Head of Special Projects

                                  Ana Alascio

                                  Head of Mktg

                                    Claudia Ale Data

                                    Research & Communication

                                      Julieta Martinez

                                      Data Research & Communication