In DataFactory we feed the passion for sports by creating statistical content, social and digital media, along with fans, media, brands, clubs and associations.


To develop a global community that allows fans to gather historical content of professional and amateur sport.

Version: 2 – Effective date: 20/07/2016

Our Values

  • We entertain those who love sports
    As fans we know what amuses us. So our main focus is on finding new ways to entertain users from statistics and social content.
  • Our focus is the customer
    The customer is our priority, we propose a proactive attitude and service to meet their needs at any moment. We share our networks, experiences and tools with them, in the constant search of the formation of a community.
  • We are part of a community
    Those who use our services, who produce the content, who upload data, who visualizes it, have a common interest: sports information, multimedia elements and social content. It concerns us all to add value and give life to it.
  • We enjoy the trip
    We fulfill our work with freedom, respect and commitment. Professional and personal development of those who make DataFactory is essential to think of a talented community, happy with the work done.
  • We make mistakes and learn
    The key of innovation is the constant interaction with the customer, that is why we encourage agility in developing and launching new products so as to learn faster.
  • We collect accurate and detailed facts
    Evaluate and improve the quality of data upload are our most important commitments when we accurately portray what happens. We are committed to constantly update our products to improve time in publishing and content delivery to customers, so we manage a very close approach to providing real-time.

Version: 3 – Effective date: 12/09/2016

DataFactory has established, documented, implemented, and maintains a Quality Management System (QMS), following the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

QMS is applicable to commercial activities, production, graphic design and delivery of sports statistics content, television programs, and other standardized content for media; this includes the design, development and implementation of technological solutions, or software products that support said services.

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